Becoming the best version of yourself and achieving success does not happen overnight. In Passion Workshop, you will be guided on the importance of passion exploration and career planning delivered by a certified Vooya coach.

For Students and Professionals

Business Model You

Learn to see your plan in the big picture and identify everything that can be changed and prepared to achieve your dreams.

Timeline of Your Life

You will be guided to plan the stages in achieving your dreams. You will make your life plans starting from short term, medium term, to long term for your career.

For Parents

Parenting Kekinian

Get to know the 6Ps (Passion, Perseverance, Power, Purpose, Plan, Profit) Elements of Success from this workshop to guide your child to succeed in their career path.

Parenting Kolaboratif

Parents will be guided on how to open conversations about careers with their children. Be your child's ally in helping your child to be successful.

Parenting Tahan Banting

<p>Help your child develop a growth mindset and increase their grit, so that your children can learn how to develop perseverance.</p>

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