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The Largest Career Exploration Festival of Passion, Inspiration, and Mentorship

Ignite the Fireworks within You!

Deep inside, everyone has their own fireworks of passion waiting to be ignited. The fireworks of passion which will truly let them be who they want to be and be the best version of them.

Now, are you ready to ignite yours?

Get to know your Passion Code

Everyone has their own passion code that reflects their interests. Choose a profession that fits your passion for a happier career and future.

Which one of the six passion codes below is yours?

Do you know your passion?

Take the test, find your passion code, and discover your suitable career and education path!

Interact with Professionals

Do you want to know more about a certain career but don't know who to ask? Say no more! We will connect you with the best professionals in their field.

Explore Your Education

Do you have any doubts and questions about your future education? Overcome your doubts by discussing them with the students from your dream university!

Experience Your Passion

Compete in hands-on simulations of your dream career and engage with various companies through fun yet challenging competitions.

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Passion Challenge

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Company's Training

Further your career preparation from

Passion Mentoring

Broaden your

Professional Network

Plan Your Passionate Future

Success does not happen overnight. Plan your education and career path through Workshop with Vooya!

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A passion journey at your fingertips

Seeking your passion has never been easier. Explore and learn your passion through Passion Playground anywhere you are!

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