The Passion Personality Assessment is a comprehensive assessment that allows you to discover your true passion and can guide you to a suitable career path. 

The Passion Personality uses six Personality Themes based on Holland's Six Personality Types to describe your personality and the kinds of work environment you might prefer.

Follow your Passion Code

Your Passion Code can guide you towards finding the right career and education path. Use your passion code to point you towards career fields that might suit you.

Find a suitable career based on your interests and motivations

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Through Passion Assessment , find out your...

Passion code combination
Personalized career motivator
Work activities, potential skills, and values
Suggested area of interest and studies
Discover what it takes to realize your dreams

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Take our Perseverance Assessment and find out about...


How you control your response to adversity

Origin & Ownership

How you take ownership of your failure


Whether problems will reach into other aspects of your life


How long will the cause of adversity last

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