Our Story

Passion Playground is the largest passion exploration festival of career, inspiration and mentorship that aims to inspire young generation to

be their best version
find, choose and realize a career according to their passion
build Indonesia and create a positive impact
Ignite the Fireworks within You

Inspired by Fireworks by Katy Perry, this year’s theme symbolizes passion as the powerful, colorful, exciting and bright fireworks.

The Explosion of Passion

The explosion of passion is the extremely strong energy that drives us to move forward despite challenges.

The Color of Passion

Like a colorful firework, everyone has their own color (passion & power) and uniqueness.

The Excitement of Passion

Your efforts & processes in realizing your dreams according to passion should be as exciting as seeing a firework festival.

The Illumination of Passion

By being brave and being the best version of themselves, everyone can contribute a positive impact, just like fireworks that light up the sky.

Fact #1 Which Comes First: College, Career, or Major?

Questions such as “What are you going to major in?” force the student to choose a major for the sake of choosing. What if the student likes the major, but hates most of the most common careers associated with the degree? By thinking about what career field they love to do after they graduate, they can be more confident in choosing a major and searching for colleges that offer that major.

Fact #2 Loving your jobs helps you succeed

Doing work you love is energizing and creates a positive feedback loop that fuels productivity. Passion not only drives you to enjoy your work, but helps in overcoming obstacles in the workplace as well.

Fact #3 It's never too early (or too late!)

Research actually shows that people who have career exploration related activities when they are young, earn a significantly higher income when they are 26 years old. But, it’s never too late to realize ambition. Don’t wait! (Elnaz T. Kashefpakdel & Christian Percy, 2016)

Fact #4 #GengKejarPassion for Generasi Emas 2045!

#GengKejarPassion supports the plan for our future workforce: the birth of the golden generation for a better Indonesia (SDM Unggul, Indonesia Maju) by overcoming the challenge of improving the Indonesian youth careers aspirations from within! Take part in the discussion of passion & career to ignite your fireworks within you!
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